Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Prim and proper

At the beginning of the year I talked about how fashion was going to be very feminine and lady like this spring, with girls dressing more like girls saying goodbye to the boyish trends. This really came across on the catwalk last week. I guess I like Prim Rose's collection so much because it's young but sophisticated and has a little bit of a 1950's housewife feel, with hem lines skimming the knee. Here are a couple more of my runway shots from the show 

I have also found a great dress and coat (both new in at Zara) which could be worn with clashing pastel shoes inspired by this collection and the photography that I took of my favourite pieces. 

Guipure Lace Dress £49.99 www.zara.com

Coat £99.99 www.zara.com

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