Sunday, 20 May 2012

Peter Doherty and The Kooples

So Pete Doherty has been living in France for the last few years and he definitely hasn't been sat around twiddling his thumbs. His new film Confession of a Child of the Century, an adaptation of french writer Alfred de Musset's french novel, premiered today at the Cannes film festival. Reviews have been mixed. I will certainly be giving it a watch and making my own judgements on Pete's acting skills. He has just finished writing his new solo album and has collaborated with the french designer The Kooples and launched his own clothing range. I have always loved The Kooples. Their clothes are sleek, classic and sophisticated, which are not normally words used to describe Mr Doherty but maybe he has matured and personally I think he has style. In the interview below Pete talks about his views on fashion. One of my favourite parts is when he talks about his artwork on his T- Shirt designs. He explained that he had to be careful to keep the designs clean, which takes me back to the time in the 70's when Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm Mclaren were arrested for their indecent T- shirt design of two naked cowboys. Pete also talks about the influence of 60's and 70's on fashion and his designs. I took these photos based on this classic shirt from the Women's range. Pete used his on/off girlfriend Irina Lazareauna as a model. Love him or hate him the guy certainly has talent. 

Click here to watch the Interview with L'Officiel

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