Monday, 9 July 2012

The Capri Crop

I realise that I haven't posted for nearly six weeks. Tut tut I'm disappointed in myself too. I don't really have an excuse apart from the usual, I have been busy, catching up with friends and generally enjoying life. So what's new in the world of fashion? Cropped trousers (or Capri pants) are going to be making an appearance this Autumn. I spotted this girl in Manchester and really like these cropped turn up jeans that she was wearing.

Sonja de Lennart made Capri pants famous in the 40's after the second world war, when Sonja's family lost all their fortune after the war ended. Sonja was inspired to launch her fashion range and put her designs up for sale in a small boutique in Munich. Many post war film stars took a liking to her clothes, making them a hit all over the world. Sonja and her family had a love of the Italian Island of Capri, which is where the name of these cropped trousers originated from.

Here are a few of my favourites all new in at Zara

Printed crop £25.99

Red Print Crop £39.99

Printed trousers £39.99

Basis Satin Trousers £25.99 

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