Sunday, 30 March 2014

Bloggers Love Pop Up Boutique

IWYC were super excited when we received an invite to attend bloggers fashion week in London and host a pop up boutique to showcase our spring collection.
The event was run by Bloggers Love who put on fashion events for bloggers. The event was invite only and was attended by a number of VIP bloggers. IWYC attended day 1 of the event on Monday and had a fantastic time chatting with all the guests and introducing the new range.
I received lots of great feedback on the new collection and fellow bloggers loved how unique and girly our key pieces were.

Here are some pictures from the event of the beautiful bloggers grabbing themselves a bargain. 

To read more reviews on the event and to see what fellow fashionista's thought of IWYC see the below links 

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I have included the event press release below for a little bit of history on our brand

I Want Your Clothes is a new online fashion business set up in December 2013. The new clothing range has been a hit on both instagram and twitter with work currently under way to add a new website to it's repertoire which will allow customers to read all about what is up and coming with the option to purchase clothes from IWYC direct.
IWYC is about simplicity and class at affordable prices leaving your friends screaming "I Want Your Clothes".

Head over to Instagram to view our full collection and keep a look out for our new website.  If you would like to order any items in the mean time you can email

As always thanks for reading and thank you to all the bloggers who attended and their kind words and support.  


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