Wednesday, 28 December 2011

It's all about stripes

Or as the French would say "il s'agit des bandes". Stripes are going to be hot in 2012 so let's take some inspiration from over the channel and start wearing this horizontal trend. 

This guy was looking super cool in his Brenton top, sat in front of the iconic Revson fountain outside the Lincoln centre.
As well as seeing some awesome street fashion, this fountain is a must see if you are visiting New York. The fountain illuminates at night, giving a stunning back drop to the performing arts centre and has an impressive number of water effects, including the ability to propel water 12 feet into the air.

Here are a selection of stripes for all price ranges.

Comme Des Garcons Play Striped jumper £259 

Industrial striped T-shirt £40 French Connection

Drape Neck Sweater £15.99

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